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Ancient Culture

    Hebei belonged to Jizhou in ancient times, therefore its short name is “Ji”. Hebei was one of Chinese nation's birthplaces. More than two million years ago, the first light of the human's civilization shined upon the Sanggan River bank in Hebei. More than 5000 years ago, Chinese nation's ancestor Emperor Huang, Emperor Yan and Chiyou became unity nation from war, thus founded the Chinese history of civilization in this place. Hebei has left the footprints of the emperors Yao, Shun and Yu in far ancient times. Fuxi and Nvwa's moving fable has increased many mystical colors to Hebei.
??After many years' archaeology excavating, we had discovered successively early humanity ruins altogether more than 80 sites, in Nihewan, Hebei. Thousands of fossils and stone tools have been found. The lowest position and the earliest time ruins have been discovered in Nihewan Majuangou ruins, in October 2001. It is calculated this ruins are apart from now about two million years. Nihewan tells people clearly: The eastern humanity comes from here.
??So far, the province has already discovered more than 70 Neolithic Age culture remains, the Yangshao culture, the Longshan culture; the microlith culture remains spreads in the entire province. In the Yangshao culture remains, the Cishan culture remains is the richest one. About 2,000 earthenware, stone implements, bone hornwares and so on had been excavated from 1976 to 1978 in here. The massive culture remains have proofed that six or seven thousand years ago, the humanity had worked, lived and propagate in Hebei area, and they lived by half hunting and fishing, half farming and animal husbandry, and has been created the rich ancient times culture.
    The Emperor Huang city located Xisanbao villages, Fanshan town, Zhuolu County. The Chinese nation started to establish the initial civilization 5,000 years ago from this ancient castle. The thing “Emperor Huang fought Chiyou in the field of Zhuolu” occurred in Fanshan town Zhuolu County now. The Chinese three ancestors memorial hall constructed by Contributed money by the overseas Chinese is plain and dignified. It had demonstrated three Chinese ancestors Emperor Huang, Emperor Yan and Chiyou's great merit to people, has manifested all Chinese people formidable cohesive force. The Chinese three ancestors culture tourist area including main scenic spots Huangdi City, Huangdi Spring, Chiyou Village and Chiyou Spring, is attracting more and more Chinese people to come here to inquire into and worship their ancestors. 
??Traveling to Hebei, not only traveler may appreciate the beautiful mountains and rivers scenery, but also may race to the source, to understand the bright ancient times culture.

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